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Specification of Cold Storage

Cold storageCold Storage Specifications
A room that will be designed specifically with certain temperature conditions and will be used to store various kinds of products with the aim of maintaining freshness. A machine tool that plays an important role as a provider of cold storage facilities for products that require storage at certain cold temperatures to maintain the quality of these products. In general, cold storage in Surabaya and surrounding areas are used to store fresh food products in the form of meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and raw materials for food or other products that require cold or freezing temperatures to maintain the quality of these products.Has several types commonly known as chilled rooms, freezer rooms, blast freezers, and blast chillers. You who are looking for cold storage, CV. Laila Mitra Sukses provides innovative and flexible cooling solutions to companies that are our partners, where we always prioritize quality and trust for the continuity of a harmonious and sustainable business.Cold Storage is a great place to store fresh fruits and vegetables so they can be stored longer. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis room is that it will remain much cooler than normal room temperature which makes it ideal for storing all kinds of perishable items. This Cold Storage needs to be carefully designed so that it can benefit from natural temperature differences.- Ideal for storing fruit
- Ideal for storing vegetables
- Empty space
- Backup
- Accessible
- Irit

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